My Dad Dennis squeezed his first apple in the family barn on January 14th 1967. He remembers it clearly. It was a Saturday.

Ever since, we’ve been experimenting with apples (and any other fruit that comes to hand), developing our process and making the very best ciders we can.

Mum helps with the labelling, my wife and kids help pack the deliveries, and the rest of the family pop round to lend a hand when things get busy.

And Dad’s still out handpicking the apples every summer. He can’t help himself and we can’t seem to stop him.


I became convinced that our ciders were as good as anything out there. (I had to try quite a lot of all of them to be sure).

In January 2017 we opened Kernowek Bevvies, almost 50 years to the day that Dad started it all.

And not too long after that we started winning awards –  silver and then gold medals at the Royal Cornwall Cider Championships.

We like awards, sure, but not as much as we like making our ciders. And nowhere near as much as we love drinking them!

We hope you’ll love it as much as we do. We’re quietly confident that you will.



Davvers cider has been crafted together with all the years of knowledge and experience from the generations before him, namely Dennis his father. With the fantastic range of Cornish apples spreading far and wide in North Cornwall.

Our apples range from cookers to cider apples such as the Kingston Black which can be found late to mid season, bitter-sharp though, and named after the village of Kingston St Mary what a fantastic cider apple!

Another beauty is the Venus pippin from the Tamar area, very tender flesh, but a cracking juicy, slightly acidic and sweet all at the same time. Yellow in colour and thought to have been called plum Bidy in the Launceston area.

The Tommy knight apple from mid Cornwall, what a little beauty! It’s picked in mid October and yellow with red flush, stripes and russet, sweet and juicy.

Here at Kernowek Bevvies Davvers and Den use their knowledge of cider and have many a tasting session to create a smooth, crisp, clear, still, Cornish cider.

We only use the best ingredients to create a proper Cornish cider!

From two Cornish men, with bags upon bags of hand picked Cornish cider apples all sourced from local Cornish orchards. Then pulped, pressed and fermented in the heart of a North Cornish village of Kilkhampton. Tis then all combined together with a bit of Cornish brain power and delivers cider that has been crafted into a cracker for all cider lovers! Tis proper lovely.


We run out of our ciders quite often. Honestly. People just keep buying it.

Our advice is to get your hands on some as soon as possible.